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Living Room Furniture for Comfort and Style

The living room should be the most comfortable part of any home. At Elephanta Exports, we prioritize comfort and style at a good price, and our selection of living room furniture is no exception. Whether you’re looking for stylish accent chairs that highlight your room, a sleeper daybed that you can flop down on. Or even a nice TV Stand for your TV, Elephanta Exports has got your back. Unquestionably, no living room is complete without a coffee table; choose from a varied selection like bone inlay coffee tableswooden coffee tablesmodern coffee tables and more. Moreover, the options are limitless and you’re guaranteed to find a coffee table to enjoy your cup of joy.

A living room is incomplete without a entry way unit or a living room cabinet furniture. Let it be a Media Unit, Book shelf or a Storage unit, every furniture unit will elegantly house your precious possessions. Finally, complete your living room furniture collection with ottomans and end tables. Check out our interior styling page for more information and tips.

Choosing The Right Furniture for Your Living Room

Choosing furniture based on what you need from it, is very important. How big is your layout? Will large-scale pieces or small room furniture best suit your space? Determine how you’ll use your family room to decide what styles you need. Afterward, decide on the sofa type you want. A quality sofa is the foundation of every great family room. Consider seat height and cushion softness and depth. Take size into consideration: a compact loveseat for small living rooms and a full-sized or sectional sofa for big spaces. If you frequently entertain guests, consider a sleeper sofa. Don’t forget to accent with living room chairs or a daybed. Complete your living room furniture collection with ottomans and side tables.

Keep in mind how you’ll be using the furniture while shopping for upholstery. Undeniably, white or neutral colored fabrics are ideal for lighter or infrequent use, while dark fabrics are better for frequently-used items. Particularly, machine-washable slipcovers in dark fabrics and strong, durable bonded leather are also good options for those with pets or kids.

As the home’s main entertaining area, the ideal living room should be both comfortable and stylish. With a vast selection of living room furniture and décor items to choose from, it can be tough to mix and match pieces to create a cohesive look that fits both these criteria. Find inspiration from Elephanta Exports’ gorgeous gallery of living room pieces. Browse through the items to get an overview of the room, then click to see furniture and décor used in the scheme in more detail.