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Our Marble Furniture are all made from natural marble stones imported from Italy, Vietnam, India and around the world. We take great care in the selection of our marble furniture collection. Each raw slab is handpicked with attention to its beauty and quality by our experts who visit the quarries personally.

We carefully curate the species of marble in our collection based on our long heritage and experience of working with marble. We understand what types of marble fit best as furniture, and the variety that complements contemporary design aesthetics. Marble that reflects the history and grandeur of the Parthenon, Roman basilicas and Michelangelo’s statues. Undeniably, This is the perfect heritage piece to create a family heirloom with.

Marble in neutral tones that incorporates well with any interior décor. This versatile selection is popular with designers because it matches easily in terms of colors and aesthetics. This eye-catching selection is like a precious gem or dazzling jewelry. Moreover, it is perfect for a standout, attention-grabbing piece.

Complementing the permanence of marble, metal enhances the stability and durability of the tables. Finished in a multitude of colors, every table easily matches with the aesthetics of your home and furniture. They come both in a muted color for a toned down look or a polished finish for a grandiose look. Similarly to our marble top, we coat our bases as a layer of finishing. It provides not only the desired color but also a layer of protection. And it becomes a piece of heritage passed down for generations to come. A high-quality marble table is one which you can pass down from generation to generation.