Bone Inlay Coffee Tables

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The Essential Checklist for Bone Inlay Coffee Table Shopping​

Bone inlay coffee tables are perfect furniture pieces to create a focal point in your interior design. The intricate color, detail, and style of these tables are fabulous for making a statement and adding personality. They come in many sizes and shapes, such as round, oval, rectangle, and square. These tables are heirloom pieces because of their handmade design and craftsmanship. Bone inlay coffee tables have an exotic look that’s perfect in eclectic-bohemian décor. They are great for other design styles as well.

Splash of Colors and Patterns – Matching Any Interiors

Offering a splash of color and personality, a classic or contemporary bone inlay coffee table guarantees to be the striking centerpiece of your living room. Posing as an attractive and practical piece, a bone inlay coffee table will enhance the synergy of furnishings in your lounge room. Skilled artisans handcraft our unique collection of bone inlay and mother of pearl inlay coffee tables in Rajasthan, India carrying out a time-honored method passed down through generations. They hand-carve intricate pieces of bone or mother of pearl and lay them onto the surfaces of each product. Then the artists fill the spaces with resin before sanding and polishing. Elephanta Exports makes its bone inlay coffee table completely unique and design to last a life-time.

Unique, Bespoke and Customized

There is so much to love about these unique and bespoke furniture pieces. They introduce color and pattern which can really bring a space to life. Undeniably, with their classic/contemporary aesthetic, they are called heirloom timeless artefacts, something that you could pass down to your kids.