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Finding a Perfect Dining Table for Your Home

Finding a perfect dining table to host family and friends is very important. A high- quality table can last decades and can be passed down from generation to generation. Besides being over all practical, dining tables also set the mood of the space for family events and parties.

Size of the dining table

Firstly, you should search for dining room tables as per the size of your dining room size. For easy movement around the table, it is suggested that at least 3 to 4 feet of space should be freely available on all sides. For big mansions and dining halls a large dining table for 10 to 12 person would be a good fit. Such big tables provide lots of tablespace for holidays and events with your friends or family. A 6 seater dining table is a all purpose furniture and it will fit almost every home dining area. We also have small dining tables for space constraints which can serve as dining as well as a service table.

Shape of the dining table

Once you finalize the size of the table, the shape plays a pivotal role in decision making. We can make the pieces in any shape you wish but usually the popular shapes are rectangular, oval, square and round. Rectangle dining tables blend seamlessly into traditional and contemporary spaces. However, a square dining table is another classic choice that doesn’t take up a lot of space, If you’re short on space. For a softer yet artistic look, try a bone inlay round dining table. An round dining table offers a seating arrangement for intimate and casual gatherings. If you prefer to make a statement with the shape of your table, tabletops with oval shapes are most popular these days.

Finalizing the material

Last but not least when it comes to dining tables is the choice of material. You can’t go wrong with a wooden dining table. It can pull off a cozy or rustic look depending on your choice of wood and finish. You can set the tone for seating to finish the getup. A satiny traditional bone inlay dining table makes a smart choice for luxury apartments and are truly an statement piece. To modernize a simple figure, consider an unexpected material like marble. A marble top dining table looks sharp in any color especially both black and white give a royal feel. Complete the look by coordinating your décor to the style of your table. Our pieces in silver or brass provide jewel tones and provide a great look with black metal legs

Be creative; dining room style ideas can come from anywhere. Explore Elephanta for your new modern, rustic or contemporary dining table as per your liking and don’t forget to invite your buddies to the dinner party.