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Our lounges and daybeds offer comfort and serious style in one package, allowing you to update every space from your casual entertaining area to your home office. Get comfortable with wooden daybeds from Elephanta Exports so you can relax any time you have a free moment. Here are some of the elegant options you can add to your house now:

  • Upholstered styles. From sturdy, easy-care slipcovers to velvet that should be reserved for your formal living room, our upholstered styles can be simple or sophisticated. Look for styles with brass or German silver lounges to match your room.
  • Bone inlay lounges & daybeds style with storage. Ideal for living rooms and even your bed rooms. Our this premium furniture style that feature luxury and royal touch to any space. Don’t forget to check out our chaise lounges in teak wood with intricate inlay designs.
  • Storage lounges & daybeds.  Our built-in storage are great for keeping a blanket and pillow handy so you can nap at a moment’s notice. They’ll also provide extra storage for things like warm bedding and winter clothes in the middle of summer too.
  • Wood daybeds. Tried and true and totally timeless, our wooden daybed designs can be traditional, transitional or more modern. Look for ornate styles for formal spaces. You can also choose for simple, stripped-down styles for family-friendly and casual areas.

Add lounges & daybeds to your bedroom, living room, family area or home office today to give yourself a place to relax whenever the mood strikes. We’ve got a range of styles fit for every home, so you can find the one that’s just right for your space. No more naps on the sofa now!