Bone Inlay Furniture

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Are you looking to buy Bone Inlay Furniture? In the last many years, handcrafted furniture is in huge demand. Undeniably, this is the reason why bone inlay is a star category for those who are looking forward to decorating their interiors. It not only adds glam but also class to the interiors of your home. This is the reason why there are many who are continuously looking for bone inlay. So that they can completely change the way the interiors appear.

Firstly, let us know about what is this art and history of it. The state of Rajasthan in India is famous for Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl Inlay handicraft work. This art work is an intricate process that requires immense skill and practice. The skill of this art making has passed down from generation to generation within a family. Firstly, to make bone inlay furniture, the artists collect camel bone. Secondly, they handcraft the pieces to give them a delicate shape. Next, they affix bone pieces on the wooden furniture frame to create intricate patterns. In the third and final step, the spaces get filled with colors of your choice, typically with a colored resin background. Animals do not get in harms way in order to make bone inlay furniture. Moreover, it is a sub product to use bones of dead animals which are of no use.

Elephanta Exports offers beautiful furniture pieces in the form of different units. Bone Inlay Bar Cabinets, Bone Inlay End Table, Bone Inlay Dressers and Cabinets are one of our best sellers. Also, at Elephanta Exports you can customize Bone Inlay Furniture units as per your space and personality in any shape and size. We offer you many color options and different intricate patterns to choose.