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Raise The Bar With Bar Towers

You can add a unique touch to your home by installing bar towers for your liquor collection. Big pieces of furniture like bar cabinets are great for some spaces, but not everybody needs that much room. If that sounds like you, consider organizing your bottles and barware with a vertical bar tower or shelving unit. You can still access everything you need, but it won’t take up valuable space with an oversized unit.

Types of Bar Towers

We have many different bar towers available with us made of wood, metal or bone inlay for your home. You can choose from a boat shaped bar tower, vertical shelves cabinet, compact bar tower, and so on. The classic liquor tower is also one of the most popular types of bar tower that you can find with us. Customers use bar towers commonly in living and dining rooms. They’re easy to install and you can customize depending on your needs.

Affordable and Durable Home Bar

People intend to spend a lot of money on constructing a home bar. Fortunately, building a home bar is no longer as complex a task as it once was. Elephanta Exports creates the most elegant and stylish bar tower, yet easy on pocket and of long lasting quality. Our bar tower looks magnificent and lasts longer because we carve them from premium quality wood. Even the other range like metal or inlay furniture, are made from quality wood underneath, so that you can find heirloom pieces for generations.