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Unique Bar Cabinet designs for your home

Bar cabinets add that extra vibe to your party mode and bring zeal and ecstasy to you, especially on weekends. Our Home Bar Furniture awaits you to bring an electrifying party mode to your home. Additionally, our range of Tables, Towers and Cabinets comes in bold contrasts, making it a suitable choice for any interiors. Certainly, with exotic designs and spacious appeal, our bar cabinets are a perfect match for your living room and dining area, where you can immerse yourself in your leisure time with enthusiasm.

Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl Bar cabinet

Undeniably, the bone inlay and mother-of-pearl cabinet are a luxurious touch that will add a touch of elegance and emit artistic radiance in your interiors with adorable designs and patterns.

Wooden Bar cabinet

In contrast, wooden bar cabinet stand out from the crowd giving you an authentic imperial look. Certainly, wooden bar cabinets are the amalgamation of a rustic feel and stylish outlook, which makes you love our bar cabinets even more.

Modern bar cabinet

Why don’t you give a modern touch to your party mode? Our modern bar cabinets highlight your party with their alluring excellence.

Leather bar cabinet

A leather touch with a modern outlook for your bars. Our leather bar cabinets are tough and sturdy additions to your weekend parties.

Colors and combinations

Colors and contrasts are vital in bringing an attractive appearance to any product, and bar cabinets are no exception. Interestingly, the golden hues of metal bar cabinet and the sleek wooden appeal of wooden bar cabinet add beauty to your bar areas just by their presence of them. In contrast, the organic and ever-trendy black and white combination of bone inlay bar cabinet weaves a whole different story into holding on to the typical bone inlay patterns with assorting colors without any doubt.


Every bar cabinet at Elephanta exports can be customized based on the size, shape and design of your choice.