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Bar Carts : Convenient and Stylish Piece of Furniture

The perfect solution for your home entertaining needs, home bar carts are fun and functional furniture pieces to add to your home décor. A rolling bar cart is a practical, stylish piece of furniture where you can keep your drinks and barware in one place. Most carts come with caster wheels, offering you a convenient way to serve cocktails and appetizers to your guests.

Frame Materials for Bar Carts

Elephanta Exports provide bar cart with frames of wood or iron. Both of these are durable materials and they won’t budge when you stock your cart full of bottles or glasses. Iron frame bar carts are a stylish choice for modern and industrial décor. They are mostly fitted with Marble Tops or Glass Tops. Furthermore, they are lightweight than other types of caster wheel carts.

Wooden frame carts are never dying fashion statements which will suit any existing interiors. They are more suited for a large dining or living area. Wood bar carts finished in teak or pine look great with traditional décor.

Decoration Ideas for Bar Carts

Firstly, the cart size should be appropriate to your space. Small carts, specially metal ones work well for parties in tight spaces. However, wooden carts with expensive finish look appropriate in larger rooms. Secondly, add some flair to your bar cart when throwing a party. You can tie some balloons to the handles or place a vase of flowers on top or at bottom shelf of your cart. Thirdly, rolling carts are not just useful for serving drinks. You can use them to serve appetizers or as a kitchen cart as well.

Keep your drink-making tools, glasses and bottles all together with a stylish cart or bar cabinet from Elephanta Exports. They are great for everyday use and for hosting dinner nights.