Silver and Brass Furniture

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Elephanta Exports is the biggest Silver and Brass furniture manufacturer and exporter. We created these beautiful pieces by affixing thin sheets of a metal alloy (either silver, brass, or copper in color) over a wooden furniture frame. Our specialized artisans smooth flat sheets of metal onto the surface with hand tools. This creates unique scuffing, wrinkles and ‘distress’ marks on the surface, rendering each piece completely individual. Metal clad furniture may tarnish over time, but this is part of the beauty of such a piece.

Regular handling will leave fingerprints, and objects placed on top of the furniture may also leave temporary marks. We recommend that you should use coasters before placing items like vases or drinks on top of metal clad furniture.

You may remove almost any mark or discoloration with vigorous buffing and polishing with 000 grade steel wool (found in the paint section of hardware stores) or using regular silver cleaning products.

Elephanta Exports also manufacture any item as per the requirements of the customer according to the drawings or photos given to us. We take pride in our flexibility and the creativity of our highly skilled artisans. You can custom create or reproduce any style of furniture, doors, carvings or statues in wood & silver. We use the best quality teak wood with proper seasoning to give the best output for the articles.

Incorporating metals and metallics into your home decor is a bold choice that can really help lift the space. Whether it’s through metal accent pieces or striking statement pieces. Copper, silver and brass furniture can be used in both contemporary and classic ways.