Bar and Dining Furniture

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Entertain Your Guests In Style With Bar And Dining Furniture​​

Your bar or dining table is the centerpiece of any party, whether you’re mixing up cocktails or showing off your collection of vintage scotches. Adding the right bar furniture to your home can make cocktail hour a whole lot more fun. Use this quick guide to learn more about the different pieces of bar furniture and dining furniture you can find at Elephanta Exports.

Bar Furniture​

A great piece of furniture is worth its weight in gold, but a bar is more than just decor. Here are a few benefits stylish bar furniture from Elephanta Exports can bring to your home:

  • Firstly, Bars help you organize your spirits, supplies and tools in one place.
  • Secondly, Bars give you a place to mix a drink without taking over the kitchen.
  • Thirdly, Entertain your guests with a stylish bar that fits your living room.
  • Furthermore, you can keep your glassware organized. Keep your barware and cookware separate by adding a beautiful bar to your decor.

Bar Cabinets and Buffets​

Offering tons of storage spaces for your favorite bottles, bar buffets and bar cabinets make it easy to house all of your drink supplies. We offer buffets and bar cabinets with butcher block inserts or a place to perform basic tasks like slice lemons and limes.

Bar Towers and Shelves​

Big pieces of furniture like bar hutches, buffets and cabinets are great for some spaces, but not everybody needs that much room. If that sounds like you, consider organizing your bottles and barware with a vertical tower or shelving unit.

Bar Carts​

Designed to offer traditional bar storage in a smaller package, certainly bar carts can work wonders in your formal living room or den. Show off a few of your favorite bottles and make getting a drink easy for you and your guests.

Dining Furniture​

Some families gather at the same time every day for a well-balanced meal and conversation. Others eat off shared plates, noshing and catching up on the day. Essentially, whatever is your dining style, you are sure to find amazing range of dining tables and dining chairs at Elephanta Exports

Dining Tables​

Discover the power of a gorgeous dining table to revolutionize every meal you serve and enjoy. A refreshing dining area inspires new flavors, feelings and experiences.

Deciding On Kind Of Dining Table​​
  • Dining room and kitchen tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Firstly, select the ones that are best for your rooms, keeping in mind you may dine, snack or enjoy beverages in different parts of your home.
  • Secondly, if you like to keep some small sitting area in the kitchen itself, you can also opt for small kitchen tables from our range of dining furniture
  • Elephanta Exports offers many kind of Dining Tables, like Bone Inlay Dining TablesWooden Dining TablesEpoxy Dining TablesMarble Dining Tables in many patterns and designs to choose from.

Dining Chairs​

Almost everyone enjoys sitting around the table for a good meal and friendly conversation. Undeniably, there are so many ways to use benches and chairs, both in your dining room and in other areas of your home. Create an inviting dining room with a soothing ambience that draws guests in for meals and visiting.

Deciding On Kind Of Dining Chair​​

Choose comfortable dining chairs and benches to place around your dining table is an important task for any home owner. When not in use at the table, they also make wonderful additions to an entryway or bedroom. These versatile seats also are handy when you need extra gaming or office chairs. Select chairs that match your table or another design element in the room.

Mixing And Matching Kitchen Furniture​​

As you narrow down your choices, consider the other furnishings in your home and how they’ll coordinate with your new bar and dining furniture. Bars, stools and bar carts can help create a full-service dining area. Accordingly, it helps when you have a bistro style table or a open floor plan. You can also bring in metal accents for style and balance.

Find bar furniture and dining furniture that fits your room and enjoy dinner and drinks with friends and family. A variety of styles and sizes makes it easy to find the right fit for your home.