Indian Antique Furniture

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Shop unique Indian antique furniture & Indian artefacts. We have the largest selection of antique Indian furniture with extravagant pieces. You may find painted Indian cupboards, Indian console tables & Indian Hope Chest, called Dhamchiya with us. Especially, you can explore the variety of Indian antiques and vintage furniture at Elephanta Exports. Most of our Indian furniture is from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Southern part of India.

Indian furniture comes in many shapes & sizes from wooden & painted dowry chests to iron bound and brass bound military chests. Undeniably, the sheer variety of styles of antique Indian furniture is vast with influences from many cultures and religions. The Mughal period had one of the largest influences on Indian design and Indian architecture. Teak wood Indian furniture is the most popular although some parts of India also use rosewood and cedar in making of these antique furniture. Chests and cabinets make for great storage of extra bedding or clothes. We hold the largest selection of quality antique Indian chests in India.

Indian furniture reflects an age old tradition and art form plus they last for ages. These furniture pieces are exported from India and they are available for purchase online and can be shipped anywhere in the USA, UK, Australia and worldwide. Additionally, many pieces of art are also available with free shipping option. Traditional home décor, wall hanging, Indian handicrafts and much more to decorate every room in your home are all available at this Indian furniture store. Visit our online store to explore all the categories in Indian Furniture.