Epoxy Dining Tables

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Where and How to Use Our Epoxy Table

We create exceptional, high-quality solid wood epoxy dining tables that retain the natural look of the wood. Here, you can find our river tables and live edge tables with epoxy filled in. We offer wood species like walnut, oak, cherry, maple, and teak. In combination to the wood we offer metal base of different types. We provide combinations of metal and wood as per your liking.

Why Epoxy Dining Tables from Elephanta

We import our live edge wood from Canada and USA and we make the tables in India with hands of our experts. Our team takes great care to make sure that your epoxy dining table last for the many years and generations to come. We make each epoxy table from scratch using the highest quality finishes and epoxy resin available. Moreover, we only use non-toxic, eco-friendly quality resin. We make our epoxy tables from quality edge wooden slabs and finish them with a ecofriendly plant based polish.

How to Care for Your Epoxy Table

Our expert team design and make epoxy dining tables which last for generations. Undeniably, we take a great care to make these pieces. And to maintain this finish, we recommend that you should not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to clean your epoxy table. Please use a damp cloth to wipe away dust and spills. Additionally, you can use mild, natural soap to remove stickiness which can’t be removed using damp cloth. Also, please maintain natural temperature and humidity levels to avoid any damage to the wood used under your live edge epoxy dining tables.