Wooden Console Tables

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Wooden console tables are versatile piece of furniture that you can use throughout the home in many ways. These tables double as a place to store useful items like books. You can use them as a place to display decorative items like picture frames and family heirlooms as well. While most of these tables have open storage shelves, some come with opaque drawers to hide away clutter. They are available in a variety of beautiful textures and accordingly styles to coordinate perfectly with the existing furniture in any living space.

Although these wooden console tables come in contrasting modern and traditional styles, the basic construction is similar from table to table. Each console table has a flat top surface and lower shelves or storage space. Undeniably, these versatile tables make a lovely addition to many spaces around the home. At the front of the house, entryway tables are very useful.  Alternatively, you may keep scarves, mittens and other outerwear in storage bins on the shelves. Also, you can use the table to store boots and shoes.

In the living room, you may place wooden sofa tables against the wall to house books and other media items. They can even hold small televisions. Sofa tables also fit well in unused space underneath window sills or behind the sofa. In the bedroom, these tables can be placed against the wall. A wooden console table is a beautiful accent piece for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or hallways. These tables aren’t only decorative but also functional. You can use them for ample storage space included for organizing and displaying items like books and picture frame.