Silver & Brass console Tables

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Looking for that special something to finish off a room? Sometimes when you take a look at a room and feel like there’s something missing. The last piece of the puzzle is often a console table. Our consoles made of German Silver or Brass as per your preference are both elegant and effective. Our silver & brass console tables add scale and storage to any space. They are perfect for stashing those bits and pieces that you just need to be within arm’s reach – keys, books, a lamp, a notepad and pen. Discover a plethora of styles, spanning embossed florals to modern blank. Secondly from traditional designs to signature pieces that will look great in any space. Pair with an armchair to create the perfect study, or add a decorative bunch of flowers to finish off the look.

An elegant way of adding scale as well as storage, our silver & brass console tables fit all kinds of spaces. Narrow hallways and spacious living rooms benefit from designs featuring all manner of finishes. Moreover, add intrigue to empty hallways and bare walls with these beautiful console tables. Enjoy a subtle touch of style with a minimal silver and brass console table. You can choose such console table to give a warm welcome in your entryway. Undeniably, they are slender enough to fill most spaces without being too intrusive. Greet your guests with stylish flourishes like dried flowers and faux plants that you can switch up with each season. Find a hall console table from our selection – elevating your interiors has never been easier.