Brass Coffee Tables

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  • Brass Abstract Coffee Table

    Brass Abstract Coffee Table

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  • Gold Hammered Coffee Table

    Gold Hammered Coffee Table

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  • Gold Hammered Round Coffee Table

    Gold Hammered Round Coffee Table

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  • Hammered Coffee Table – Antique Finish

    Hammered Coffee Table in Silver/Gold finish

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  • Periwinkle Brass Coffee Table

    Periwinkle Brass Coffee Table

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The timeless appearance of brass tables transcends fashion fads. The craft of Indian furniture includes, in its heart, the necessity of creating something that will last. Indeed the wood used is mango or teak wood invariably. They are well known for their longevity, their strength, and structural resilience. These brass coffee tables work for more than a lifetime’s enjoyment.

Incorporate a brass coffee table in your living room or sitting room to add contemporary style and functionality. You may use Coffee tables to display a small stack of your favorite books, a vase of fresh flowers, or a beautiful centerpiece bowl. Whether you prefer sleek, modern design or more traditional furnishings, choose from a variety of tops. We have tops made of concrete, glass, or marble along with the brass base to achieve the desired style in your room. The brass base on our coffee tables pops beautifully against deep colors such as navy or charcoal. To layout, your living room, place your brass coffee table over an area rug. Ideally, it should be about two feet from the edge of a sofa or chair. Depending on your space, choose from square or rectangular tables.

The Indian brass coffee table draws the eye to the center of the room or wherever you wish to place it for maximum effect. We recommend embellishing the piece with a vase or favored object of art, as it frames beautifully anything placed upon it. It makes an elegant statement of the class of a high caliber and speaks of confident sophistication.