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Wooden dining chairs offer a surprising amount of versatility for decorating your dining room. These chairs come in a variety of finishes, so it’s easy to find colors that match your table or other woodwork in the room. Pick from styles that deliver modern flair or a more traditional touch in the room. Ladderback styles with woven seats and cane back seats complement early American-style décor. Chairs with geometric latticework and painted finishes blend in elegantly with modern décor. Make these chairs even more comfortable by adding thick, plush chair cushions and colorful chair pads.

When it comes to setting the mood, color is a major player. While pieces with muted palettes contribute to a contemporary. Even minimalist feel, unexpected hues such as blue or bold white create eye-catching drama. If you’ve made bold design choices in other parts of the room, think brown, black or grey dining chairs to allow those other features to take the spotlight.

You can also spice up your simple-colored seats by choosing complementary chairs in a different style for the head of the table. Or, make decorating a cinch by choosing modern kitchen chairs in colors and silhouettes that speak for themselves. Think navy dining chairs accented by wood décor and furniture for an old-school vibe. Or try white dining chairs to brighten up an otherwise dark room. Worried about spills? White leather dining chairs look haute but are still easy to clean.

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