Interesting facts about Bone Inlay furniture

Interesting facts about Bone Inlay furniture

Interesting facts about Bone Inlay furniture

Who doesn’t want their furniture to get rubbed with some antique texture? Bone Inlay furniture gives a traditional yet simple classy look to your home décor, making it appeal soothing to the eyes of the beholder. The elegance it carries and the dignity it reflects undoubtedly make it one of the most wanted and demanded antique pieces of furniture of all time. Be it a dining table, bed, dressing table, or living room accessories; Bone Inlay is a bundle of beauty that you add to your home.

Though Bone Inlay appears simple and traditional, it holds some interesting things that help you before incorporating it into your home.

Here are a few interesting facts about Bone Inlay Furniture

Traditional or ancient history

This is one of the prominent and well-known elements of bone inlay furniture and why people choose it. This category has stood in the market for centuries. It has been the main element in making some ancient jewelry, decorative items, and furniture since the golden period of ancient culture. Many types of furniture proved themselves in the evolving years, but the demand for Bone Inlay remained the same no matter what the period was.

In ancient times, as an easily accessible source, bone was craved with well-crafted patterns embedded into wood and metallic objects and inlaid with glass, shell, and ceramics. On many occasions, the bone inlay was used in people’s belongings in the higher power of wealth and positions. In some places of India, this traditional furniture is given high priority and value even today without the hint of doubt.

Bone inlay is ethical and sustainable

The Bone Inlay furniture is completely ethical and durable as they are made from natural sources, i.e., the bones of the dead camels and other animals in more parts of India. It is practically ethical and is approved by the authorities to use them for making furniture.
The product is also durable due to its direct usage from natural sources without damaging or making it artificial with toxic chemicals and agents. This makes them environmentally friendly and toxic-free to use.

The handcrafted touch

Every detail of the bone inlay products is handcrafted and molded with art engraved in it. The process takes so many months, starting with selecting the piece’s design with an entire pattern selection and unique design pattern that will enhance the look and feel of the furniture overall. The entire design of bone inlay is done solely by hand, giving the product an extra special character. In this painstaking process, the bone is carefully carved, structured, dyed, and made to fit entirely in the metal or wood frame. As a finishing, the pattern is then filled with resin before sanding, polishing, and finishing the process.

Varied uses it has

Due to its popularity and the charm it holds right from ancient times, it would be hard for you to decide which bone-inlay furniture to choose, be it dresserscabinetsconsolesbedscoffee tables, and so on. Every piece hits you differently with its style and persona that you just want to stick to them with all your might.

The main benefit of bone inlay is that the products are environmentally friendly and will not add any toxicity to the home, as discussed above. Apart from it, the bone-inlay furniture also adds value to the home you live in with its vintage look and appearance. The bone inlay can be well fitted in any home and still enhance the look of the place with its demeanor every time. From carefree living to the most classy and rich look, Bone inlay complements well with any surroundings with grace.

Hassle-free packing

Packing is one of the most critical concerns of the people who need to transfer or move to places based on their professions. They might be in a hurry and tense about how they will pack all the products, especially the furniture, as furniture is more prone to have scratches and other packing and moving-related damages.
You do not have to worry about it in the case of bone inlay furniture as the products are inherently strong and have a very durable finishing that usually protects it from any damage or scratches easily, unlike other products you come across.

Enhancement of beauty with sunlight

The other interesting fact about bone-inlay furniture is that when different types of furniture get worn out with sunlight, bone-inlay furniture wears a new layer by getting in contact with sunlight. Just place your Bien inlay furniture in the subtle rays of sunlight, like by a window side or sideways of your home where sun rays reach the home, and you see the magic happening. They tend to light over beautifully when placed in decent sunlight. Also, inlay products age well with time, giving them a royal look. The problem of yellowing and pigmenting is also avoided by placing the furniture under dim sunlight.

Note: Avoid overexposure or direct contact with sunlight as it damages the products


Bone Inlay is the best to include in your furniture if you are someone looking to give your home that royal and dignified look with everything incorporated in the right place.

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