Bring the colors of luxury to your bedroom

Bring the colors of luxury to your bedroom

Bring the colors of luxury to your bedroom  

The bedroom is heaven after a tiresome day. To have a pleasant and refreshing feeling in your bedroom, you need to pay extra attention to its appearance, feel, and texture. Undoubtedly, you would arrange your furniture in a welcoming and soothing way, but the question is how to add the colors and feels to the ambiance. No worries, you can turn your bedroom into a paradise to dwell in with the artistic touch of a variety of colors. Hand-carved, aesthetically engraved, and potentially durable furniture that suits perfectly in every way. Our team of artisans ensures that the bone-inlay furniture you opt for will decorate your space with colorful shades of bliss and serenity.   

 Talking about the color and feels, let us look at the selection of colors and contrasts for your bedroom furniture, as Bone Inlay furniture is available in different colors and combinations that compliment your bedroom in a mesmerizing way.  

Beautiful Pink 

Pink is one of the most beautiful colors you come across while decorating your home. Pink fills your senses with a fragrance of subtleness and beauty. The perfect combination of ethnic and raw colors for the picturesque view of your bedroom can adorn your bedroom with an eternal glow. You can go for choosing the most amicable pink bone inlay chest drawers to arrange in your bedroom to store your bedroom essentials. Not only chest drawers, but you also can even opt for other bedroom furniture in a pink shade that fills your bedroom with a mild tone.  

Royal Red

Every Bone inlay product you choose for your bedroom should make it look like a blend of perfectly matching colors that fit well in the space. Red indicates brightness, and you can choose this color for your armoires where you store your clothes, books, bed sheets, etc. A red-colored armoire gives you a vintage feel with carefully curated designs. We have an exclusive collection of wardrobes in red color that enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. Always remember that the colors you choose for your bedroom indicate your personality and taste just by the room’s glimpse. You can arrange a beautifully carved red armoire that fills the corners of your bedroom with vintage.  

Easy blue 

Blue is the color of relaxed demeanor and freshness. Your bedroom needs blue to give it a cool and calm appearance. Blue is a simple color that can be chosen for compact furniture like a nightstand. A nightstand splashed in blue goes well with your bed. A nightstand is an essential part of your bedroom where you store all your teeny-tiny things like tablets, books, specs, etc. A light blue nightstand gives you a rejuvenating feeling when you enter the bedroom at bedtime. Our bone inlay bed stands with a delicate contrast of light blue and white is what you want for your gracefully aligned bedroom. You can even go to choose a blue color coffee table which fetches you an excellent option to have your me time in your bedroom.  

Bold black 

Black is the synonym of royalty and boldness. Paint your home black and bring home the vibes of royalty and party together. Black adds look and demeanor to the simple interiors. If your bedroom is simple, compact, and accommodates less furniture, then make it extravagant with the touch of black. You can opt for black almirahs, a black worktable, and chair in black and white, or even a simple coffee table that radiates your corner of the bedroom with its luxury. You can also invest in a bar cabinet dressed in black to turn on the party mode of the home and have a crazy time in your bedroom.

Energetic orange

Orange helps to make your day brighter. If you are a day person decorating your bedroom with beautiful contrasts, this color is for you. You will feel instantly enthusiastic about starting your day just by the glimpse of your orange interiors. The moment we look at the orange, we get this energetic feeling of a new start. The best way to include some flavor of orange in your bedroom is to opt for chests, tables, chairs, and mirrors with a splash of orange on them. You might find it strange, but we have a variety of furniture in colors of perfect contrast that elevates your bedroom space like never before.  

Soothing white 

Choosing a white bed gives you instant relaxation after a long day. White, on the contrary, fills you with serenity and a sense of relief the moment you enter the bedroom. After a tiresome day, when all you want is to take some rest, your white-toned ambiance welcomes you with a lullaby to sleep on its lap. You can also add to the beauty of white by choosing furniture like a bookshelf, coffee table, and dressers coated with pure white to enhance your bedtimes and revitalize your solitude   


We all love to end our day with a bedroom, so make sure you will have a peaceful and pleasant time in your bedroom with our bone-inlay furniture.  

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