Looking to create an impression for your space and own an exquisite quality piece of furniture too? All you have to do is to bring one or more pieces of the beautiful bone inlay furniture for your space. It’s as simple as that. We have already been familiar with bone inlay furniture and how it can create a long-lasting impact on your space in previous blogs. Today in this blog we will focus on one such bone inlay piece of furniture i.e is Bone inlay Side Table. The bone inlay side table is a piece of furniture that can be used in your bedroom to keep your books and other stuff and they could also be used in your living area to keep your favourite showpieces. Elephanta Exports is the leading manufacturer of the finest quality Bone inlay Side table and our range of side tables are made by skilled artisans using their best technique and the best quality materials. The process of making the bone inlay side table starts by building a wooden base for any items, then the pieces of the bone that are ethically sourced are vigilantly cut into delicate shapes by skilled artisans. Then these chips or the pieces are affixed into a different variety of intricate patterns onto the resin using the hand. Then each product is further waxed and polished to bring out the detailed textures and royal look of the inlay work.

Each piece of this beautiful bone inlay furniture is unique in itself. Some pieces are of antique designs and some are of other styles that go well with any type of home decor. Our range of Bone inlay side tables would become the focal point of everything from modern spaces to traditional homes. There is a wide range of colours that are also available which can make a traditionally designed piece look extremely modern, so you have a lot to choose from. Many interior designs keep bone inlay furniture on their home decor idea palette. A few pieces of the furniture embellished with exotic bone inlay definitely makes a statement for any home. The unique and complex designs of the bone inlay side table catch the eye and add an element of surprise to your room. The matchless style generated conversation and more than that bone inlay have the ability to transform a piece of furniture into functional art and at the same time also brings history into a home.

Inlay side tables and end tables are as essential as the sofas and beds in your home. They are known for adding personality and beauty to your space. We are here to offer an exotic range of bone inlay side tables in different designs, shapes and sizes according to your furniture and space. Apart from this, our range of bone inlay collections is also available in the form of consoles, end tables, TV units, bedside tables and more. Achieve a modern and traditional look to your home space with an exquisite range of our bone inlay side tables.