Who doesn’t like to look at them in the beautifully decorated mirrors? We all have been quite aware of the fact that mirrors play a very essential role in our home decor and today in this blog we will discuss the mirrors that are made with the centuries-old technique called bone Inlay. The art of bone inlay is a beautiful and traditional art form that has been passed down from generations and is now used for making a wide assortment of products ranging from the bone inlay table to the bone inlay mirrors. Elephanta Exports is the leading Supplier of the best range of Bone inlay Mirrors in India. Our range of Inlaid Bone Mirror is highly appreciated for its beauty and unique finish among all our clients. A bone inlay mirror is considered a beautifully subtle way to add a hint of the orient into any furnishing. A simply stunning piece for your room or living area, the inlaid bone mirrors is an exquisite example of the art of the Indian bone inlay. Hand polished camel bone is expertly inlaid to create our range of beautiful mirrors.

Sure to complement any interior decor, our range of inlaid mirrors have been beautifully crafted by the skilled and talented craftsmen in Rajasthan. These artisans have learned this technique from the generations of the Indian Tradesman and can trace their expertise back to the original items created with these techniques that are still found within India’s glittering palaces. Moreover, all the camel bones found in our range of bone inlay furniture pieces are cruelty-free. At Elephanta Exports, we aim to ensure that the highest level of ethical and environmental standards are always upheld.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a bone inlay mirror for your house:

  • Once you have properly arranged the furniture of your space, pick a location in your bedroom or living space that will be visible properly and where your mirror would fit perfectly.
  • The next step is to determine what function your bone inlay piece of the mirror will serve. A mirror with a vague purpose can bring down its attractiveness.
  • The third and most essential step while choosing a bone inlay mirror is to remember that it must not be a misfit with the decor of the place where it has been kept.

If you are thinking that this beautiful piece of furniture will be costing you a lot but all this is available at very nominal pricing. The craftsmanship of this traditional art is surely going to inspire your guests as they stare at your beautiful piece of bone inlay mirror. So, whenever you are thinking about getting your interiors renovated, it is always better to consider choosing bone inlay furniture. With the help of this furniture, you will not only add glamour to your space but also a combination of traditional patterns.