Wooden Bar Cabinets

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Bar and Wine Bar Cabinet Display Ideas

Elevate your home entertaining with gorgeous Wooden Bar Cabinets and Bar Units. We generally make these cabinets in different kind of woods, such as teak, sheesham, mango, or acacia. Available in a host of styles and sleek wood finishes, our bar cabinets make entertaining more stylish than ever.

Wooden Bars for Any Interior Style

Great for entryways, living rooms, dining rooms or any space you’d like to have your drink station, wooden bar cabinets are a must-have for home entertaining. We design the bar units to fit in smaller areas. These small cabinets can store wine glasses, wine bottles, glasses and liquor. We also have media cabinets, which are larger versions of bar cabinets and can double as side tables or TV stands. Choose from bar cabinets in contemporary light brown, classic rich brown, modern black and other stylish colors. Some are also available in styles with open wine racks and storage, as well as those that have doors.

Buy Bar Cabinet Online at Elephanta Exports

A bar cabinet for your home will not just add visual appeal to your space but also provide as storage space. Our artists handcraft all our wooden bar cabinets at Elephanta to be the best in quality and design. Our wooden bar cabinets collection is specially made to suit the space of any interiors. All our cabinets also carry shelves and panels specially made to hold glasses, bottles etc. Shop bar units online at Elephanta Exports for a wonderful shopping experience.