5 Luxury Bar Cabinet designs popular in US

5 Luxury Bar Cabinet designs popular in US

Popular Luxury Bar Cabinet Designs 

You can add a unique touch to your home by installing a bar cabinet for your liquor collection. There are many different bar cabinets made of bone inlay for your home. You can choose from a piano bar cabinet, sideboard cabinet, compact bar cabinet, and so on. The classic liquor cabinet is also one of the most popular types of bar cabinets that you can find in the United States. 

Bar cabinets are commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms. They’re easy to assemble and can be customized depending on your needs. You can use bar cabinets as storage units or as part of a home bar. If you want to make sure that your bar is attractive and functional. 

The beauty of these pieces lies in how they help you create ambiance around your space and make it look more elegant than ever! 

The following list is of some of the most popular designs in America today: 

Piano Bar Cabinet

Piano bar cabinets are small bars that use a piano as their base. They have a few shelves and often have the music player mounted on one side, so you can play your favorite tunes while you wait for your drink order to be ready. 

Piano bar cabinets are popular because they’re great for small spaces where traditional countertops don’t work well, such as kitchens and bathrooms. You might also see them used in dining rooms or living rooms if space is at a premium, but you still want something unique and exciting in the room (like this example).

Sideboard Cabinet

A sideboard cabinet is a combination of a bar and a sideboard. It’s usually made up of two or more pieces that can be assembled together to form one large piece, but it can also be used as an entertainment center when you do not need the other features in your home. 

The best thing about sideboards is that they are versatile and allow you to store all kinds of things, from your fine china to glassware, books, pictures, and even collectibles such as coins and medals! You won’t find any other type of furniture that offers such versatility at such an affordable price either! 

Compact Bar Cabinet 

A compact bar cabinet is a small, usually glass-fronted cabinet that holds liquor bottles. These can be placed on countertops or in bars. They’re traditionally made from a bone inlay or metal and come in many different sizes and designs.

The Classic Liquor Cabinet   

Liquor cabinets are smaller than you might think, usually around 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. They’re typically made of bone inlay, which means they have a very high level of craftsmanship. 

There’s no wrong way to go about decorating your liquor cabinet. You can add any number of finishing touches—from simple wall hangings like hooks or mirrors (which will help conceal and display bottles) to more elaborate items like shelves or cabinets that fit with your décor style, as well as keep everything organized on top. 

Bone Inlay Bar Cabinet 

The bone-inlay bar cabinet is the perfect way to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home. Its eye-catching design is sure to be a conversation starter and will elevate the aesthetic of any room. The cabinet is also highly durable, so you can be sure that it will last many years. 

Materials used in making bar cabinets  

When looking for material, think about what kind of look you want. Metal is durable and attractive, but wood or Glass is more flexible. Wood is traditional in bar cabinets because it can be stained and polished to give your cabinet a unique look. Glass is famous because it looks great on top of the bar countertop and provides the space with a modern touch. Leather is also an option for making bar cabinets because of its durability and luxurious appearance over time. 


Glass is an excellent material for bar cabinets. It’s easy to clean and maintain, strong and durable and looks great in any environment. The fact that Glass is transparent means that you can see through the cabinet without obstructions or light reflections on your drink’s surface. This makes it ideal for displaying items like bottles or glasses attractively while maintaining privacy simultaneously! 

Glass bar cabinets also have some other benefits over other materials such as wood or metal: they won’t rot over time like wooden ones will do (although this does depend on how much moisture gets into them), so there’s no worry about humidity affecting their durability; plus because they’re solid objects rather than hollow ones made out of wood or metal which could leak liquid onto their contents over time (which would cause mold growth inside). 


Wood is a durable material, which means that it can withstand wear and tear. The wood used in your bar cabinets will not be damaged by water, acid, or other chemicals. Wood is also considered a natural material because it comes directly from trees and renewable resources. This means that if you want more wood for your home decorating needs, plenty of trees are out there waiting to be harvested! 

Woodworking projects require different tools than metalwork projects, but these tools aren’t expensive, so if you don’t own any yet, don’t worry about buying anything new! 

Mother of pearls 

Mother of pearl is a type of nacreous material found in mollusks’ shells. The material has a fragile layer of calcium carbonate on its outer surface, making it look like pearls or seashells when viewed through microscope lenses. It can be used to make bar cabinets, jewelry, and furniture. 

European cabinetmakers first used Mother-of-pearl furniture in the 18th century because they thought it had an attractive appearance with its blackish tone and white dots over a shiny surface. It was later popularized by Queen Victoria, who wore heavy pieces made from mother-of-pearl buttons during her reign (1840–1901). 


Leather is a popular material for bar cabinets, and it can be used to create various styles. If you want your bar to look more traditional, leather is the way to go; however, if you prefer something more modern or contemporary, this material may be wrong for you. Leather has many benefits that make it suitable for use in making a wide variety of items: 

● It’s lightweight and easy to move around. 

● It’s durable enough for daily use (and will last longer than other materials) 

● It looks nice on most surfaces 


Metal is a durable material that’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also easy to repair and replace and find and store. 

The most common metals used for the construction of cabinet doors include:  

● Stainless steel. A premium option for durability, stainless steel has excellent resistance against corrosion due to its high chromium content. 

● Tinned copper – A popular choice for home bars because it looks great when polished up or left raw. 

● Aluminum – This lightweight metal can be used in either woodgrain appearance or textured finish styles, depending on your preferences. 

● Carbon Steel – Similar in appearance to wrought iron but with more strength. 

● Galvanized Steel – This type of bar cabinet will not rust over time because it has been treated with zinc plating, which prevents moisture from damaging the surface area 

Bone inlay 

Bone inlay is a decoration that uses bone or ivory to decorate furniture. The technique was initially used on tables, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. Today it can be found everywhere, from alligator skin to buffalo horn, but most often, it’s made from cow bones or elephant tusks. 

Bone inlay is a form of marquetry—combining two or more materials, such as wood and metal, into intricate designs using sawdust for glue (or sometimes just an illusion). It takes years for someone to learn how to make this kind of work, so you won’t find many tutorials online about how exactly one goes about doing this! 

Why are bone-inlay bar cabinets so prevalent in modern homes? 

Bone-inlay bar cabinets are a classic style that looks great in modern homes. They combine the durability of wood and the elegance of bone, making them one of the best materials for making your bar cabinets. 

It’s easy to see why this type of cabinet is so popular: it combines both materials into something beautiful and durable with a timeless appeal that will last for years. 


The bar cabinet is an essential piece of furniture in any home. It can be used to store drinks and other accessories and as a decor element by adding different wood finishes or hardware accents. Bar cabinets are available in many different styles and materials. At Elephanta Exports, you can find one that matches your tastes.