When we think of Mother of Pearl, the first thing that comes to mind would be the beautiful ornaments or the jewellery made from it. Yet Mother of pearl has truly come of its age and now has been used in some magnificent ways in the home as well as other designing projects. It can be found today in modern age bathroom tops, mirrors, sinks, tabletops as well as on kitchen countertops and flooring. Apart from this, it has even seen it’s used as an entire wall covering and the way it reflects the light is simply mesmerising. Today in this blog we will talk about one such beautiful Mother of Pearl product i.e Mother of Pearl Mirror. These are considered unique and beautiful pieces of art that can be kept in any space. Elephanta Exports is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Mother of Pearl Mirror. These are considered as our best – selling collection as each mirror has been handcrafted by skilled artisans and each piece takes them weeks to complete. A mirror placed on any corner, any wall or anywhere in your home has a purpose to make your home look stunning. These pieces of the Mother of Pearl range are unique in themselves with some flaws that add to the character of the piece.

Mother of pearl is an iridescent substance that forms the lining of the shell and as it is a naturally occurring substance and cut into the Pieces individually, therefore no two items are the same. Particularly speaking, a subtle way to introduce a glimmer of iridescent ornamentation to any room, the mother of pearl mirror will work beautifully and will stand out in your home decor. To create an Indian theme in your room, you can couple an inlaid mirror with a mother of pearl chest of drawers or a dressing table. Who doesn’t want to praise themselves in mirror and reflection is beautiful and it seems even more beautiful when reflected by the beauty itself. The beautifully crafted mother of pearl mirror frame does the same. These are truly the epitome of beauty that could be placed anywhere in your room. We at Elephanta Exports offers you a gorgeous range of mother of pearl mirror furniture so that you always feel beautiful.

Mother of pearl inlay has originated in the days of the early Rajput dynasties and was commissioned by the kings for the palaces and are still adorned today. The high standard of this craftwork is maintained even now because of the long-standing history of the Royal Patronage, helping the art to flourish through the ages. A piece of the beautifully handcrafted mother of pearl inlay furniture has been a prestigious treasure indeed. Our skilled artisans work with the finest materials, ethically sourced and thoroughly tested and prepared. A piece of inlay furniture is crafted to last and with its roots in the past, built to continue into the future, this not just the furniture made for fashion but timelessly styles pieces made for serious appreciation. Frame yourself beautifully with this elegantly designed mother of pearl mirror which is truly the symbol of love, honour and respect carved by the master craftsman.