The beauty of the traditionally old art of mother of pearl inlay is just unmatchable. This beautiful art in the form of furniture is a new arrival adding a touch of royalty and drama to any space. Whether you choose mother of pearl dining tables or chairs or cabinets, the furniture made from mother of pearl inlay will definitely make your space more inviting. Today in this blog, we will talk about one such beautiful mother of pearl furniture i.e. Mother of Pearl Cabinets to beautify your space. Inlaid with the plethora of small pieces of polished mother of pearl in the form of unique patterns set in a rich coloured background, mother of pearl inlay cabinets timelessly captures traditional old Indian elegance in form of a design that would complement any space. Elephanta Exports is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality mother of pearl inlay furniture in India. Our curated collection of the spacious mother of pearl inlay cabinets is carefully by skilled artisans and offers storage solutions for a multitude of treasured items. Show off your prized beauties in our range of intricately made mother of pearl cabinets.

Making mother of pearl furniture requires immense skill and techniques to make them speak for themselves. Let’s take a look at the way in which this beautiful furniture is made.

  • Veneering is an age-old art that has been practiced for more than 5000 years and is considered a highly practical method of decorating furniture using beautiful woods. Wood is a fine, even-textured wood material with light brown streaks. It is a highly polished veneer creating a dramatic dark coloured background for the mother of pearl.
  • After this step, the next thing that comes is to inlaid the mother of pearl in that wood. Inlaying is an ancient old art that is carried by craftsmen for thousands of years. Mother of pearl is the shiny, smooth and iridescent material that forms the inner layer of the shell of some mollusc. This material creates a striking contrast with the depths of the wood.

Elephanta Exports is proud to offer its beautiful and luxurious, bespoken range of Mother of pearl cabinets featuring beautiful mother of pearl designs made using expert craftsmanship and smooth finish. We feature a wide range of cabinet pieces, handcrafted by our master craftsman in Rajasthan. The shiny and unique colouring of the mother of pearl can easily fit in any surrounding and can support any design scheme or interior of any home space. The Traditional artisan building process involves patience and skill, beautifully crafted, stage by stage for a simply sublime end product. The cabinets made from mother of pearl inlay serves two main purposes, firstly it offers you spacious storage space to keep your valuable possessions and secondly it serves as a beautiful and elegant art piece that can make your home space more eye-catching and inviting. Create a stunning home environment with a unique style with Elephanta Exports and get the best range of inlay furniture across different categories. From Cabinets to chairs and coffee tables, Elephanta Exports offers you plenty of options to choose from for your home decor needs.