What are some peculiar handicrafts from different parts of India? 

What are some peculiar handicrafts from different parts of India? 

What are some peculiar handicrafts from different parts of India?   

India is the abode of traditional value, and wood carving has always been one of the country’s most prominent art forms. Since ancestral times, we can find many temples and palaces carved in beautiful wooden carvings to depict the place’s significance and amplify its beauty. Today if we observe so many places in India that ring the bells of ancient wooden designs and carvings that can be incorporated for furniture, home décor, doors, beams, tables, and staircase designing, etc. Wooden crafts all over the country play a significant role in our interior design with their unique style of patterns and architecture.

Let us peep into some of India’s most well-known Indian wooden handicrafts.  

Kashmiri Walnut Wood Carving   

Kashmir, the queen of mountains and pristine waters, is well known for its exquisite handicrafts, from clothing to furniture. Kashmiri Walnut wood carving is one of India’s best home décor furniture carvings. Carefully curated floral motifs, fruits, and beads for jewellery boxes, impeccably designed wooden frames for windows, and patterns crafted for chairs and tables are the scenes you come across with walnut wood carving in Kashmir. Made from Julian Regia and carved by experienced artisans who have worked on this since an early age, this wooden work brings exotic views to your home effortlessly. 

Wood Inlay and Bone Inlay   

Wood Inlay has gained significance in Rajasthan, where Bone Inlay furniture became popular. Decorating beautiful patterns on the surface of the wood by infusing the materials of Bone Inlay, ivory, wood, and shell of assorted colors and combinations. Wood Inlay brings aesthetic value to your furniture in every way. Products like home décor, cabinets, tables, and dressers are made of this craft. This exotic artwork was brought to India in the 18th century from Persia, which later extended its legacy in Mysore and Rajasthan. With this form of wood art, you can give your interior the sparkle of beauty with a hint of extravagance. You can also find the wooden and bone inlay impressions from the scenes of Mahabharata and Ramayana, figures of animals, etc. 

Naturngram Wooden Dolls 

India is a country of unity in diversity, and it is reflected in every aspect of the country. Natungram dolls of West Bengal are no exemption from this. These attractive handmade dolls are usually made from a Mango tree, Sand apple tree, Scholar tree, etc. The artisans make beautiful wooden doors, especially owls, which are extremely popular in this region. Naturngram artisans also have a history of stone workers who later became woodworkers when their stone works popularity diminished with time. Give this unique home décor a chance to adorn your home, and you will never regret the trial.

Nagina Wood Craft

Many places in Uttar Pradesh, especially Aligarh, Azamgarh, etc., are known to design catchy eye designs using shisham wood as their source. Nagina wood craft can usually be seen on tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, boxes, etc. The artisans primarily used floral patterns and motifs, and this historical handicraft dates to the Mughal period. As this wood craft is heavy to carry during the transit, the artisans have shifted from manufacturing heavy home furniture to minimal artwork with this. Thus, Nagina wood craft can now be found in the present-day modest home furniture like doors, windows, boxes, frames, etc.


This ancient wood artwork of Ladakh has its historical prominence, and the woodwork got deeply imbibed in the ancient nomadic culture. These alluring tables are of low height and are significant parts of the local households of Ladakh. Choktse blends simple, vibrant designs with the elaborative craft work of snow lions, dragons, clouds, and lotus with mineral pigmenting. This furniture suits someone who needs simple yet rich interior furniture.

Saharanpur Wooden Carving

Saharanpur, a name that needs no introduction, is one of the major furniture hubs of India located in Delhi. This ancient Saharanpur wooden carving came into existence in the 15th century and usually included floral geometric and Kashmiri carvings for their wood design and work. The city can be seen with artisans designing various wood-engraved products right, from generic furniture like chairs, tables, and frames to minimalistic yet attractive home decor and jewelry boxes.


Kondapalli toys are well known for their human and animal figures. This age-old artwork is famous in Andhra Pradesh, and the artisans use special soft wood to carve characters. Once the toys are manufactured, they heat them to avoid moisture and glue them together using an adhesive. Once the process is done, they use oil paintings and water to paint the toys. Kondapalli art depicts human figurines, animals, and other engaging scenes of village households.

Sandalwood Carving Work   

Sandalwood has its place in Indian history, and furniture and home décor made of Sandalwood can be found more frequently in Bengaluru and Mysore, where Sandalwood has grown abundantly. Thousands of years back, this sandalwood architecture can be found in making deities of temples in ancient times. You can opt for this ancient artwork to decorate your home with a variety of deities for your shrine, pens, gift boxes, photo frames, etc.   


Our country is known to be the homeland of many art forms, which add value to your home within no time if you wish to choose them. You can explore the exquisite range of hand-carved and handmade bone inlay furniture from Elephanta Exports.