How to decorate your home this festive season with Bone Inlay Furniture

How to decorate your home this festive season with Bone Inlay Furniture

How to decorate your home this festive season with Bone Inlay Furniture  

The festive season is around the corner, and we are all set to celebrate our festive month of Diwali with brightness and joy. The festive season is an opportunity to organize your home and decorate it with all the beautiful amenities. From adorning the door with mango leaves to lighting Diya in the Pooja space, we give importance to keeping our home clean and adorable on special occasions. Furniture also plays an essential role in deciding the appearance of your home, especially during festive times. Everything brings out the best in your home when arranged perfectly. 

Here are some of the Bone Inlay Furniture that adds extra charm to your home and makes you have a regal-looking home effortlessly .

Tea Light Holders

Diwali is the festival of lights, and we will be more than excited to welcome Diwali with open arms. On such an auspicious occasion, everyone lights their homes with Diya that bring a new glow to the home. We bring the best Tea Light holders‘ collection that adds extra luminance to your home by radiating finely carved designs and carefully etched colors. We have an exclusive bunch of Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green tea light holders that bring little additions to your festival.

Bone Inlay Vases

Your living room takes on a new form of freshness on special occasions if you decorate it with our attractive Bone Inlay Flower vases. Flowers depict serenity, purity, and divinity in the festive season. You can place your flower vases beside the Bone Inlay Media consoles we have and give a new outlook to your home. You can also fill up the corners of your bedroom and dining room with our vases and invite the blend of beauty and elegance right at the moment.


Who doesn’t want to get ready by draping ethnic wear during the festive season? To enhance your traditional makeover, we have Bone Inlay framed mirrors with various colors and designs that perfectly suit your home, especially during this festive season. Our artisans are skillful and give a touch of contemporary and traditional mirror designs to go well with any interior. Our Bone inlay mirrors are a replica of ethnicity. They can be placed in the bedroom for getting ready and bringing the ethnic look to the bedroom, in the living room as a home décor that alleviates the total outlook of the living room, and in the dining room as a handcrafted add-on to your dining times.

Bone Inlay Trays

It’s the full-on festive time, and guests are coming to the home one after the other. Serving the guests is one of the most vital things to do and having an apt serving arrangement makes it more valuable and memorable. We bring you the best bone inlay trays in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to invite your guests with an artistic touch and royal sense. You can find trays that are square in shape, circular, and hexagonal with white and black colors that appeal to your guests’ eyes without any doubt. Our artisans also ensure that every tray’s design reflects the well-curated contrast that makes them worth having.  


The living room is the first thing anyone will have a look at once they get into your home. To decorate your living room is thus very important, from the type of furniture you arrange to how you place it, everything plays a role in this. We know this and thus are here to help you with the best Bone Italy consoles that attract your guests right after they enter your living room. Our carefully handcrafted bone inlay consoles are the best fit to store your living room essentials, place your décor items like vases, photo frames, and other things, and place your festival Diya in the evening. Our consoles are captivating with their designs and one-of-a-kind color combinations of Blue, black, white, brown, grey, wood finishing, etc. You can arrange the console in the living room or the dining area, depending on the space you have.

Coffee Tables

A special festive chit-chat with your friends and family would be incomplete without having engaging coffee and tea conversations. Our coffee tables are in different sizes, shapes, and colors to make your festive season more fun and joyful. You can have a compact coffee table; you can have one that is luxurious and have drawers embedded in it; you can also have coffee tables made of metal like brass, silver, etc. We have different shapes and colors on coffee tables, from bold black combinations to pleasant blue and white designs. From antique greys to contemporary greens, we have a bunch of coffee tables you can arrange in your home.   


The festival is a time of celebration and fulfillment, and with our range of bone-inlay furniture, we ensure that you will have the best festive times at your home.
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