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Bone Inlay Mirror

Mirrors at home elevate the spirit of your bedroom, dining hall, and living room with up-toned aesthetics and appealing finishing. We have a wide range of bone-inlay mirrors that suit your interiors. From beautiful floral to simple-looking designs, we present you with our exclusive collection of Bone Inlay mirrors.

Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl Mirrors

Elephanta exports also bring you a variety of mirrors with a combination of Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl, which depict an eclectic style in your interiors. Our mirrors can be placed effortlessly anywhere in your home, from the living room and dining room to the bedroom. Decorating your bedroom walls with light-tone pastels gives it an even more beautiful look than ever imagined. Teak wood Bone Inlay mirror are also available with us, which can be a perfect fit for your living room with all the regal charm and appeal it embodies.

Colors and combinations

You can find a plethora of colors with our Bone Inlay mirrors. Colors range from dark and bold colors like black, blue, and wood to pleasant light colors like light blue, yellow, pink, white, etc. We also have mirrors with combinations and contrasts of black and white, pink and white, etc.

Sizes and shapes

One of the highlighting features of our mirror collections is that you can arrange them anywhere in your home, and they bring you the best out of that space with not only the material and colors but also the shapes and sizes they are in. We offer you a wide range of shapes like rectangular, circular, floral, rectangular with floral carvings at the top, etc. And when it comes to sizes, we have compact designs that are befitting to your dining hall and living room, and we also have mirror frames of the maximum size that would go very well with your bedrooms.