Get inspired by these chic Bone Inlay Console Table Designs

Get inspired by these chic Bone Inlay Console TableDesigns
Get inspired by these chic Bone Inlay Console TableDesigns

Enhance Your Home Decor with These Stylish Bone Inlay Console Tables 

Adorning a home pays great attention to detail and tastes in art in every aspect. Many of us love to decorate our homes in the most artistic way possible. To adhere to that, we have multiple options, from composed and luxurious living room furniture to cozy and comfortable bedroom furniture. Every piece of furniture will have its place and importance in taking the ambiance of your home to the next level with its presence of it. 

Bone Inlay Console Tables 

The legacy of Bone Inlay furniture comes from the royal land of Rajasthan, where Maharajas appreciated exquisite craftsmanship and wanted to imbibe this bone-inlay art culture in their kingdoms. A typical bone inlay furniture will have the bone fixated onto the furniture’s surface like a mosaic design. Talking about bone inlay furniture, our exotic collection of console tables will be the best fit for your home in every which way. From eclectic designs to the subtle yet supple artworks that go along with the designs and color combinations, you can confide in our artisan’s excellence to get your home the befitting handpicked collection of products.    

Let us look at different console tables that can be arranged in your home depending on the ambiance to keep the balls rolling.  

Indian Motif Embossed Console   

Our country’s art and craft keep us apart from the rest of the world, and if we reflect the same culture in decorating our home, it will give us an authentic feel every time.  Our Indian Motif Inlay embossed console is a rustic piece of art with a simple outlook and designs representing our culture in every move. With a blue-tinted texture and thin yet well-built legs, this is a perfect fit for the cozy corners of the bedroom and living room.  

Moroccan Bone Inlay Console 

A well-arranged home demands a contemporary style of furniture sometimes, and to adapt to the new trend and style, many options are right infront of you. A console table is best to arrange in your living room and bedroom corners.  With its pitch-black tint, the Moroccan Bone Inlay table brings a simple yet regal charm to your living room in no time.  

Floral Interwine Bone Inlay Console    

What brings more beauty to a room than a touch of floral design? Console tables with floral designs add a unique mark to your interiors by returning the vintage feels right inside your home. Floral designs also add a subtle edge of serenity to your bedroom.  The Floral Interwine Bone Inlay Console with mild blue floral designs and metallic-toned legs are the synonyms of luxury and beauty that you want to add to your home to rest things and to store your living room essentials.   

Bone Inlay Waterfall Console    

Simplicity has its place in setting the best furniture in your home, and the best pieces reflect that sometimes. Why not put the trend by including unique pieces of furniture in your home? Bone Inlay Console tables come in different shapes, sizes and designs so you can set your home furniture effortlessly. Giving your home a new makeover can be done quickly with such furniture.  

Bone Inlay Waterfall Console imbibes the charismatic fragrance of Bone Inlay, simultaneously presenting the compact striped appeal. This curvy waterfall console table with striped contrast of blue and white makes it stand out from the crowd. You can place this piece of beauty in your living room, dining room, and bedroom to place your showpieces and enhance your space.  

Blue Floral Bone Inlay Console Table 

Every piece of furniture has significance in adding its mark to your home. Colorful designs with catchy eye shapes make your home an artistic abode. You can make your home look alluring with a handful of products: Bone Inlay, wooden, brass, and many more. Floral prints and hues are attractive without a second thought, and our contrast of blue and white bone inlay console table with artistically aligned legs and drawers not only elevates the look of your interiors but gives it a vintage look altogether.  

Geometric Bone Inlay Console with drawers   

Storage also has a vital role when choosing your furniture. If you want luxury and storage, selecting a console table with decent appeal and storage is your way. Our set of console tables also serves your purpose of storage in the simpler way possible. 

The geometric Bone Inlay Console table with six drawers is a package of storage and elegance with its milky white designs and a classy glimpse of artwork you wish to have in your home.  


Any piece of furniture that you pick for your home should resonate with your personality in one way or the other. Getting our variety of handpicked and authentic Bone Inlay products will only give that majestic charm to your interiors in a minimalistic way. After all, apparel makes you presentable, and artwork makes your home presentable in a multi-folded way.